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  • Abundantcolors:wecollocate15kindsofcolorcombinationtogether,includingblue,armygreen,purple,navyblue,yellow,green,pink,coffeecolor,lightpurple,thecolorofcamel'shair,black,red,darkgray,orange,white,avarietyofcolorcanhelpyoumeettheuseofdifferentscenarios,makeiteye-catchingandgorgeous,bringdifferentfeelingsandmoodtoyou

  • Widelyuses:thesoftcolorfulbandanascanbeappliedasneckscarf,headbands,headwraps,hairtiesandmore,youcanalsotiethemonyourbagsorpantstoworkascutedecorations,makingyoursimpledressingupmoreattractiveandaddyourmorecharms

  • polyesterfibre

  • HandWash

  • Nicegifts:thesilkfeelingneckwrapsaregreatforyourlover,wife,sisters,colleagues,classmates,femalefriendsandfamilymembersasbirthday,holiday,party,anniversary,graduationandothergifts,wearingthemwillmakepeoplemoreelegantandcharming

  • Internationalproductshaveseparateterms,aresoldfromabroadandmaydifferfromlocalproducts,includingfit,ageratings,andlanguageofproduct,labelingorinstructions.

  • 15 Pieces women square neck scarf mixed solid colored neckerchief head wraps scarf bandana


    Multicolor to choose:
    We collocate 15 kinds of color combination together, including blue, army green, purple, navy blue, yellow, green, pink, coffee color, light purple, the color of camel's hair, black, red, dark gray, orange, white, a variety of color can help you meet the use of different scenarios, make it eye-catching and gorgeous, bring different feelings and mood to you.

    Comfortable to wear:
    The women square neck scarves are made of silk feeling material, making them soft, smooth and comfortable to touch and wear, friendly to skin and will bring you nice wearing experience.

    Suitable occasions:
    The scarf bandanas come with different solid color designs and you can choose according to your clothes and makeup, suitable for birthday party, wedding, traveling, dating, photo taking and other occasions.

    Washing tips:
    Recommended for hand washing, dry them in shadow and avoid sun exposure, which can expand their service time.

    Color: 15 colors
    Material: polyester fibre
    Size: 50 x 50 cm/ 19 x 19 inches

    Package included:
    15 x Colorful square neck scarf

    Please keep them away from pointed items.
    Slight size error may exist due to manual measurement.

    15 Pieces Women Square Neck Scarf Mixed Solid Colored Neckerchief Head Wraps Scarf Bandana