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  • Widedarkcolorheadbandswithteethforgirlswomen

  • 6pcsperset,theyarePerfectAccessoryforDayandEveningWearandanyOccasion

  • TheseBlackandBrownLeopardheadbandsareveryflexible

  • Easytowear,thesestylishflexibleheadbandshaveIinnerteethensuretheheadbandstaysInplace,providemaximumcomfort

  • Headbandsareaclassicwaytokeepyourhairback.onesizefitsmo

  • 30mm Wide winter headbands with teeth for Girls Women
    Material: ABS Plastic
    size: 30 mm width
    We mix 5 color ,1 pc per color for you, so you wears a different color daily and you never have a problem having a bow to match her outfits, because this set had so much variety!
    They are great quality. Beautiful and hold up well to a busy toddler!
    Safety Packaging Before the goods shipping out, they will be put into a valve bag which is soft and not easily damaged. The bag can ensure the goods will not get wet,and make sure it's in good condition when buyers receive them.

    5pcs 30mm Wide Plastic Headbands for Girls Women Fashion Hairbands with Teeth