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Warm and soft arm warmers made from one of the best wool types in the world, the precious alpaca wool knitted. Cable knit design.

The finest alpaca wool gives you a pleasantly warm and cuddly soft feel. Alpaca wool is like cashmere one of the finest wool varieties in the world. A natural product for the highest standards of quality and comfort. Soft as cashmere, warm and light as goose down, durable as sheep's wool and shimmering as silk...this is how the outstanding properties of alpaca wool are described. In addition to Vicunja, alpaca wool is now one of the most valuable types of wool in the world.

Our philosophy "help through work".
Thanks to our customers, we help many small family businesses in Peru. Peru is the 3rd Worldland and many people have a daily struggle to grow the essentials. For over 10 years, we have been encouraging these people by selling products on the internet. All items are checked by us from manufacture to shipping.

Please note that the shipment from Peru to Germany takes about 18 days. We ship registered and insure your shipment. You can contact us at any time by email or phone.

Alpacaandmore Short Women's Arm Warmers Fingerless Long Gloves Cable Knit Alpaca Wool