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  • COMFORTABLE:TheComprehensiveBunionRelieftogetthebestPainreliefresultsandpreventsurgicaltreatment.ToeSeparatorsandBunionPadsincreasesspacebetweenthebigtoeandsecondtoeforproperjointalignmentandlessirritationandfrictioninshoes.(HammertoestraightenerandBunionSplint)

  • SKIN-FRIENDLY+ANTI-SKIDBREATHABLEMATERIAL:Madeofhighqualitydurablemedical-gradesiliconegel,moist,comfortableandsoft.Onesizefitsmostfeet.Accordingtothestructureofhumanfeettodesigntheairholes,makingyourfeetbreathefreelyandantis-kidalltheday

  • SoftSiliconeGel

  • Hand-washingincoldwater(5-35°C),thenairdry,avoidsunexposureandfire.

  • PM-8900

  • SEPARATEBIGTOE&2NDTOEDESIGN:Theholebetweenbigandsecondtoedesignfordifferenthalluxvalgussymptoms,itcanbestuffedcottonorspongeifyouneedmorespacersfortoes

  • EXTRABENEFITS:Realignstoejointsandgentlyhelpstostraightenbenttoes.Itabsorbsshock,shearforcesandreducesfrictioncausedbycornsandcallus'.

  • HOWITWORKS:Thetoeseparator'scushiongelshieldsyourbunionandreducesfrictionandirritationcausedbyrubbingshoes,helpingtoinstantlyreducehammertoeandbunionpain.

  • Product description

    Are you annoyed by the toe overlapping or hallux valgus? These toe correctors will help you a lot. SEBS with long service time offers ultra comfortable and soft cushion to your toes.

    ✓ Multifunctional toe separator between the first and second toes.
    ✓ Soft gel pretects feet from friction and relieve pain.
    ✓ Adjust hallux valgus and overlapping toes.
    ✓ Effectively separate and correcte toes, prevent foot cocoon and friction.
    ✓ Soft and safe medical-grade gel, comfortable to wear and leaves great flexibility to the toes.
    ✓ Relieve bunion pain and prevent the bunion from being worse. Prevent toes overlap, promote blood circulation and correct bent toes.
    ✓ Suitable for both men and women use. One size fits both left or right foot toes.
    ✓ Washable and reusable, easy to clean.

    1. Hand-washing in cold water (5-35°C), then air dry, avoid sun exposure and fire.
    2. Use the gentle detergent, flat dry in shade.
    3. Apply some baby powder to reduce feet sweat and sticky feeling.
    4. It's recommended to change a new pair after 60 days at most.
    Note: If you want to make them stay on feet tightly, please wear the socks to fix them.

    Bunion pain, corn toes, blister, toe drift, toe overlapping, hammer toes, blister, align

    1. For the first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable, We suggest to wear for 15-20 minutes, then increase by 5 minutes per session until you can comfortably wear them. Allow your feet enough time to adapt them.


    1 Pair of Big Toes Splinting Toes Cap Protector

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