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  • Idealforholdinghairbackwhileapplyingorremovingmakeup

  • Holdsyourhairtight&KeepsHairAwayFromYourFace

  • Usedbysportspeopletoholdhairinplace

  • PerfectFashionableAccessoryforGirlsorWomen

  • Color:BLACKGOLDSILVER/Material:Metal

  • Metal Toothed Sports Headband BLACK, SILVER, GOLD. Various Designs to Choose. Ideal for Men or Women As worn by many footballers, these hairbands are great to keep the hair from your face when playing sport The metal teeth can be twisted and bent to ensure that they hold in well Enhance more stylish look for ladies, is suitable for long or short hairs, curly or straight hairs.

    Black & Silver Sport Hairband Mens Sports Headband Toothed Metal Football Hair Band Women Hoop Metal Teeth Comb