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  • Fitsupto1.5inchwidebelt

  • Fastening:Hook&Eye

  • RR-240-SIL

  • Measures3.5by2.5inches

  • Silhouetteofahorsewithinaheart

  • CowgirlUpprintedinpink.

  • Pretty and feminine, this buckle also portrays the tough cowgirl that you are. Dark silver with floral scrip, a detailed hear with the silhouette of a horse, and a banner reads in pink COWGIRL UP. A call to toughen up and do the job. Show your western heart and your cowgirl toughness with this buckle. On the back is a hinge to attach to the belt strap, and a prong to attach to the belt holes..

    CTM Women's Cowgirl Up Belt Buckle