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  • Dimension:14.6"Lx2.8"Wun-stretched;FitPalmGirth:4.7"-11";FitArmGirth:5.5"-15"

  • Design:Classiccableknitpattern

  • 100%Acrylic

  • GL0045ACW-WH

  • Agreataccessorytokeepyourarmswarmandfingersdexterousduringcoolandcoldweather

  • Availablein4colors:Black,Gray,KhakiandWhite

  • Internationalproductshaveseparateterms,aresoldfromabroadandmaydifferfromlocalproducts,includingfit,ageratings,andlanguageofproduct,labelingorinstructions.

  • Arm warmers are a versatile accessory for the fall and winter. They can keep your arms warm during cool or cold weather but you can easily take them off when you get warm. They are made with soft and comfortable acrylic. These arm warmers measures 13 inches long and 3 inches wide un-stretched. Available in 4 colors: Black, Gray, Khaki and White. These arm warmers are stylish and soft and are ideal to wear with a short sleeve outfit under your coat in the winter time to keep warm. It is a great accessory to keep your arms warm and finger dexterous during cool and cold weather.

    Dahlia Women's Cable Fingerless Arm Warmers Gloves