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  • ✪WarmEarmuffs:Winterearmuffsouterlayerisknittedfabric,andinnermaterialissoftplush,workingwelltoprotectyourearsfromthecoldweather.Twodifferentcolorswarmearmuffsareforyourdifferentmatches.

  • ✪FoldableEarmuffs:Wrapearmuffsareoffoldabledesign.Youcanfoldandrotateit,freestretchingwithoutdeformation,quickandconvenienttostore,portableearwarmersforyou.

  • ✪VariousOccasion:Fauxfurearmuffswilldefinitelybeanecessityinthecoldwinter.Withthefurryearmuffs,youcanfullyenjoyyouroutdooractivities,suchasskiing,riding,cycling,hiking,morningrunning,outdoorwork,shopping,traveletc.

  • ✪WonderfulGift:Blackandwhiteearmuffsarestylishandwellmatching,brilliantforeveryfemaleormale.Twoknitearwarmersareperfectforself-useorasagiftforfamilies,couple,friends,colleaguesetc.

  • ✪100%ApprovingService:Wepromisefull6monthsguaranteeandcustomerservicefortheearwarmersforwomen.Anyproblemwiththeearmuffsformen,pleasefeelfreetocontactus.Wewilltryeveryefforttohelpyou.

  • Foldable ear warmers are portable and practical for outdoor activities in winter. With knitted fabrics as outer material and soft plush as inner material, the two cold earmuffs are comfortable to wear and effective to keep ears warm against the cold weather.

    ♣ Folding Earmuffs
    When the ears warmer is not in use, or when you want to pack it, the ears warmer can be folded into a small one, quite convenient.

    ♣ Special Earmuffs
    Our adult earmuffs are in a special wrapped design. When using the back earmuff, you can also wear a hat to add extra warm, no interference.

    ♣ Specification
    ① Material: Plush
    ② Color: White, black
    ③ Size: One size fit most
    ④ Package Include: 2 x winter earmuffs

    Fluffy ear muffs can always offer extra warm, especially when you want to go out in the cold weather. With the furry ear warmers, you will be able to fully enjoy you outdoor activities, such as skiing, cycling, hiking, running, outdoor work, shopping, travel etc.

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    Ear Muffs Women Ear Muffs Men Foldable Plush Knitted Wrap Around Ear Muffs for Adult 2 Pieces Black & White