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  • Earbagsareverypractical.Theysurroundyourearsdirectlyanddonotneedabracket.

  • Earbagsaregreatforoutdooractivities.

  • Theyfitundereveryhelmetandprotectnotonlyagaincold,butalsostrongwindnoise.

  • Thisisalsoveryusefulforwearersofhearingaids.Nevertheless,youcanhearnormallyandfollowanyconversation.

  • Earbagscanbewashedbyhand(excepttheleatherandsuede)andcanbeusedformanyyears.

  • Earbags adapt to the ears and keep you warm in any weather, because the next winter is coming! We believe that it is simple, comfortable and also stylish should be to keep warm for. You don't like caps or headbands, or can't wear caps or headbands under your helmet while riding, cycling or working? Then you should test the innovative Earbags.

    Hat off! So Mütze & Co. do not destroy hairstyles:

    Frame less ear warmers
    The people from the home of the original of the Earbags have a lot of experience with cold weather. They believe that it should be easy and comfortable to keep warm.

    Earbags are very practical. They enclose the ears directly, do not need a bracket that destroys the hairstyle, and they put even in rough weather.
    Earbags are perfect match for your clothes and your style offred dozens of colours and materials. Practice shows that they are more effective and much more practical than earmuffs for earpieces, hats, headbands and so on, they can, for instance, be worn with a bicycle helmet.

    See for yourself! No cold ears.

    Material composition: 100% polyester fleece

    Earbags can be washed by hand (except leather and suede) and can be used for many years.

    To find the correct size of your Earbags, please measure the height of the ear:

    Small: 6.0 cm.
    Medium: 6.0 cm – 23 cm
    Large: 7.0 cm.

    Earbags fashion ear muffs earmuffs headband warm ears original knitted fur spectrum leather colour – size M