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  • Earbagsarepractical.Theysurroundyourearsdirectlyanddonotneedahanger

  • Earbagsareidealforoutdooractivities

  • Theyfitunderanyhelmetandprotectnotonlyagainstcoldweather,butalsofromstrongwinds

  • ThisisalsoveryusefulforTrgervonHrhelfenNevertheless,youcandoeverythingandconversatenormally

  • Earbagscanbewashedbyhand(exceptleatherandsuede)andcanbeusedforyears

  • Earbags are highly practical. They wrap round your ears and don't need a buckle. Earbags are especially suited for outdoor activities. They fit perfectly underneath any hat or helmet and stay in place even in the roughest weather. Earbags are the latest trend.

    They are also available in a range of colours and materials. They can be used either for playing sport or in everyday life.
    Earbags are tight-fitting ear shells and fit straight onto the outer ear. Experience has shown that they are effective and more practical than ear muffs with buckles, caps, headbands etc, because among other things they can also be worn with a cycle helmet. And if you don't wear a hat or headband because you're worrying about your hair, your ears don't need to freeze.

    These handy, but effective ear warmers are without annoying strap and can be attached directly to the ear thanks to a snap mechanism. They fit very comfortably and stay firmly in place.
    Ideal for jogging, riding, cycling, skiing and any other outdoor activities.
    They can fit under any helmet and provide protection not just against cold but also against icy winds. Also very useful for wearers with hearing aids. You can still hear everything that's going on around you and hold a normal conversation.
    See for yourself. No more cold ears.
    Material composition: 100% polyester fleece.

    Earbags can be hand washed (except for leather and suede) and can be used for years and years.
    To find the size for you, measure the height of your outer ear. Medium is suitable for most people. Small: Up to 6 cm.
    Medium: 6-7 cm.
    Large: 7 cm and above.

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