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  • Headbandmadefrom100%CoolmaxEcomade(madefromrecycledPET)

  • Typicalcooling"Coolmaxeffect"

  • MachineWash

  • Fastening:WithoutFastener

  • Headwear

  • normal

  • HA651-1259

  • The H.A.D. Coolmax® EcoMade headband is a lightweight, cooling headband made from Coolmax® yarn that protects from the sun and keeps sweat. The recycled headband made from Coolmax® protects against the sun, especially in summer, in the studio, during training and during workout, cools the forehead and quickly transports moisture away from the scalp. Quick drying is therefore always guaranteed. The super light headband weighs just 15 grams and is therefore almost invisible. Coolmax® takes a special position in the field of polyester fibres, because the surface of the Coolmax® fibres is up to 25% larger than normal polyester fibres. This has the advantage that the moisture caused by sweating is transported to the outside much faster and better via the so-called capillary power - leaving the well-known cooling effect.

    H.A.D. Unisex_Adult Coolmax Ecomade Headband Melli Standard Size