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  • Individuallypackaged.

  • Lightweight, pure, 100% cotton. Colour: white. Range of applications. Can be used to gently protect the skin and helps prevent injuries and diseases. Promote the absorption of creams and prevent stains on clothing and bedding. These cotton gloves are ideal for persons with dry hands in the winter, also suitable for applying moisturising cream during the night. Do not use if the gloves are too tight. Can be used if suffering from neurodermitis and dermatitis. Non elastic cuffs, soft and comfortable to wear. Can also be used as lining gloves for work, in pantomimes, as gardening gloves, for costumes, as refereeing gloves, to handle jewellery, collectables, coins, in the library for handling books, photos and for many other applications. Washable at 30° C. Allow to dry flat. Do not tumble dry. Individually packaged.

    Ladies Soft White 100% Cotton Gloves ideal for moisturising Size 8-8.5 X 2 pairs