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  • Assortmentof6womenhandkerchiefs,3assortedcolors,sizeabout11"/29cmsquare.

  • Material:100%yarndyedcotton-Packaging:Bag.

  • Formorehandkerchiefsofsamecollection,type«MerrysquareVivienne»inthesearchbar.

  • Morethan200modelsofclothhandkerchiefsonthespecializedsellerMerrysquare.

  • Care for the men's handkerchiefs made of different coloured yarns 100% cotton.
    For maximum hygiene., these tissues can be washed up to 90 °C
    For that often and in view of a energy saving, Up to 60 °C only.
    , in order to get colour, avoid chlorine or the oxygen Bleich.
    Can be tumble dried, programme ordinary with black and gold mosaic glass effect.
    Outdoors, this is even better.
    Like all fabric, 100% cotton, these handkerchiefs are iron to very hot.
    Before the first use we recommend you wash at low temperatures (30 – 40 °C). The primer base gel and the pigments are the colour ensures,,

    "Louise" handkerchiefs 11" Square 6 Units