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  • 3in1Set:Ourknittedhatscarfandmasksetcanbeusetogetherorseparatelyasyouwill.Itwillkeepyourhead,ears,faceandneckwarm,atthesametimeitisalsobreathable,keepyoucomfyandwarmincoldmonth.

  • LulupiWomensKnitted1001

  • SuperWarm:Thesoftplushinnerlininghasbetterheatretention,enjoythemaximumwarmth.Nomorechillinthiswinterwithourknittedhat,scarfandfacecoverset!Craftedwiththickplushlining,thispracticalsetwillofferyousuperwarmwearexperience.

  • ComfortableDesign:Duallayersdesign.Superthickacrylicknitconstructionkeepsyouwarm.

  • FineKnitting:Delicatesewingthread,providetheaddeddurability.Oneknittedbeaniehatandoneloopscarf,oneadjustableknittedfacecover.Multi-functionhatandscarfset.

  • Product Name:
    Lulupi 3 in 1 Womens Winter Scarf Set, Women Warm Thickened Knitted Hat Fuzzy Beanie Face Cover Outdoor Sports

    Product description
    Beanie Scarf Set has been extremely popular for its unique-design and premium-quality in world market.Now we plan to carry our classical hats to market,and hope our guys would like them.

    Unique Design:
    Thick and tightly knit weave 3 in 1 set, fashionable unique design keeps you warm and looking good in the cold weather.
    Folding light weight snow ski caps could cover your ears to provide extra warm on your ears and your cheek.

    Easy to pair with all of women's winter clothes. Wear for the weather in style with a polished look to overcoat or sweaters.
    This winter knit hat or hat gloves set is suitbale for sleeping, walking your dog, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, running, camping, traveling, fishing, hiking, motorcycling and so on.

    Hat Circumference: 6.89-9.84''(17.5-25cm); The winter beanie can be stretched and unisex style.

    1x Beanie hat 1 x knitted scarf 1 x knitted face cover (3 in 1 set)
    1x Face Masks + 1xearmuffs

    Autumn, Winter.

    Washing Instruction:
    Hand wash with cool water and mild soap,then remember to flat dry.

    Lulupi 3 in 1 Womens Winter Scarf Set Women Warm Thickened Knitted Hat Fuzzy Beanie Face Cover Outdoor Sports