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  • SuperSoftFleeceBalaclava,perfectforallwintersports

  • Anabsolute'must-have'forskiing,offeringsuperbprotectionfromthecold.Amere75grmsofweightyetremarkablyefficientatinsulating.Thisisarecommendedbuy.

  • Balaclava

  • MH180

  • 100%polyestermicrofleece,Perfectforwearingunderahelmet

  • Afourinoneoptionforthehead.Comprehensivelightweightwarmthfortheheadandneck.Simplyfoldbottomhemintoopeningandpullovertheheadforalloverprotection.Pullthedrawcordsothecoverjustleavesyoureyesexposedformaximumprotection.Orpushyourheadthroughthefaceopeningtoexposeyourheadandleaveyournoseandearsprotected.Orjustputyourheadthroughtheopeningandtheheadwearcanbewornjustasaneckwarmer.

  • Weight:75grms

  • A four in one option for the head. Comprehensive lightweight warmth for the head and neck. Simply fold bottom hem into opening and pull over the head for all over protection. Pull the drawcord so the cover just leaves your eyes exposed for maximum protection. Or push your head through the face opening to expose your head and leave your nose and ears protected. Or just put your head through the opening and the headwear can be worn just as a neck warmer.

    Manbi 4 Way Fleece Balaclava Neckwarmer Skiing