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  • Similarinsizetodisposabletissues,theselittlehandkerchiefscombinethebenefitsofdisposableandofenvironmentalresponsibility.Verysmallanddiscreet,theyareintendedforasingleuse...beforewashing!!!

  • A100%cottonofmediumthickness.About23cmx23cm.Hemstitchedflat.Washupto90°withaveryslightshrinkage.

  • 100%Cotton

  • Otherwhitehandkerchiefsofdifferentsizesavailableinthisaffordablequality:"Betty"handkerchiefs(11"square),"Camille"handkerchiefs(14"square)or"Valentin"handkerchiefs(17"square).Forallthewhitehandkerchiefscollection,type"MerrysquareAlba"inthesearchbar.

  • Morethan200modelsofclothhandkerchiefsonthespecializedsellerMerrysquare.

  • ♦ SMALL PLAIN TABLETS ♦ 12 small plain fabric tissues, available in a range of different colours, packaged in a crystal pouch. ♦ 100% cotton 40S ♦ Pure cotton dyed before weaving for better colour fastness over time. Thick and medium density make a good compromise between flexibility, discretion and absorbency. Slim and discreet flat stitched hem. Standard quality with some threads to be cut. ♦ Small 23cm ♦ Comparable in size to disposable tissues, these tissues combine the benefits of disposable and environmental responsibility. Very small and discreet, they are intended for single use before washing. ♦ Wash 90°C ♦ Good wash resistance up to 90°C with a slight shrinkage during the first cycle. ♦ MERRYSQUARE ♦ Prefering fabric tissues to disposable tissues, you are taking a little step for a more sustainable world. By giving your confidence to Merrysquare, you are encouraging a specialised and engaged French brand. To learn more and discover the spread of its range of tissue tissues, click on the Merrysquare link below the product title.

    Merrysquare Little Handkerchiefs LILLIPUT Model Size 9 inches square 100% Cotton