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  • divinecashmerecuffsfromextrafinecashmerefibresintopquality.Material:100%cashmereforaparticularlysoftandwarmsensationonyourskin.

  • Youwon´thaveproblemstohandleyoursmartphone,navigatorortabletinautumnandwinter.Suitablealsofortheworkplace.

  • ApracticalandstylishaccessoryforcolddaysorinEvents,Party

  • Thefingerlesswristwarmersareidealalsotobeusedinsides,forexampleintheofficeorinyourfreetime.

  • OneSizeca.34cmlongandelastictoadjustthewidth.

  • Fantastic cashmere cuffs made of extra fine cashmere fibers in top quality.
    Material: 100% cashmere for a particularly soft and warm feeling on the skin.
    In autumn and winter you can easily use your smartphone, navi or tablet. Of course also suitable for the workplace.
    A practical and stylish accessory for cold days in Solid colors.
    The fingerless cuffs are also perfect for indoors, eg in the office and in the leisure time.
    One Size / Unit size, approx. 34cm long and stretchable.

    Prettystern Arm warmers long cuffs 100% cashmere fingerless pulse warmers soft hand cuffs Colour choice