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  • Thedetachablewaistbuttonscanbedisassembledeasilyforrepeatuse.

  • Practicalandstylish,thereplacementwaistbuckleshaveextensiveuseswaitingforyoutoexplore.

  • Theycanbeusedonjeans,pants,skirts,dresses,shoesorevenhatbandsasanitemofpersonaladornment.

  • Notraceonthepants,reusable,notoolsneeded,easytodisassemble.

  • Applytojeans,skirts,pants,collars,etc.,suitableforbothmenand,helpyoutoeasilywearavarietyofstylesplussizejeans.

  • Description

    If you are looking for an adjustable waist buckle for jeans pants, then your research is over here. That’s because our product can meet your need. adopted of premium material, practical and durable for long time use. not easy to get deformed and bring you much convenience.


    -Material: Stainless steel, pearls
    -Size S: 2.70X1.60X1.00cm/1.06X0.63X0.39 in.
    -Size L: 3.20X1.80X1.00cm/1.26X0.71X0.39 in.
    - The detachable waist buttons can be disassembled easily for repeat use.
    - Practical and stylish, the replacement waist buckles have extensive uses waiting for you to explore.
    - They can be used on jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes or even hatbands as an item of personal adornment.
    - No trace on the pants, reusable, no tools needed, easy to disassemble.
    - Apply to jeans, skirts, pants, collars, etc., suitable for both men and, help you to easily wear a variety of styles plus size jeans.

    Package Including
    6 x Sets of Waist Buckles

    SOIMISS 6 Sets Jeans Pants Adjustable Waist Buckle Extender for Adjusting Waistline