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  • PREMIUMQUALITY;Ourglassesandsunglassesholderismadeofwhiteacrylicpearls.Unlikerealpearls,theyareverylightweightsoyouwillnotnoticethedifferencewhilstwearingit.Stronganddurable,itisdesignedforfrequent,everydayuse

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  • ELEGANTPEARLDESIGN;Thisglassesnecklacechainisawonderfulfashionitemthatwilladdelegancetoyourglasses.Alovelywaytoenhanceplainglassesframes

  • SUITABLEFORALLGLASSES;Thispearlstrapforcompatiblewithalltypesofglasses,includingsunglasses

  • PERFECTGIFT;Thiselegantaccessorymakesalovelygiftforbirthdays,MotherDay,Christmasandmuchmore

  • Never Misplace Your Glasses Again
    How frustrating when you lose track of your eyeglasses especially when you about to sit down to your favourite read or wish to examine something close-up.
    Our elegant pearl design eye glasses string holder solves this problem once and for all. This stylish eyeglass chain hangs comfortably around the neck and will keep your glasses in place wherever you go.
    Amazing Gift Item
    This eyeglass chain is a superb gift item that can be packaged for different occasions and celebrations. Our necklace glasses holder strap is an amazing birthday present for your lovely wife or that special lady in your life!
    Eyeglass chain Features:

    Light weight and durable material
    Adjustable loops, fit most kinds of glasses
    Elegant Pearl Design
    Premium Quality
    Approx. Length 73 cm / 28.7"

    Note: Please use a dry, soft cloth to wipe off moisture and dirt form the eyeglass chain.
    DON’T DELAY;the 30-day money back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind so don’t miss out!
    Package Contains
    1 x Pearl Glasses Strap

    TRIXES Pearl Acrylic Reading Glasses Strap Eyewear Strap Sunglasses Holder Reading Glasses Retainer Lanyard for Women | Elegant Eye Glasses String Holder