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  • Material:Acrylic.Color:Blue,Aspictureasshow.Size:65cm.

  • TheseglasseschainsconsistofAcrylic,theyaresturdyandshiny,withqualitymaterial,theyarenoteasytofade.

  • Acrylic

  • C6093913O6O

  • Theglassescordhelpyouclosetoyourglasseswheneverorwhereveryouneedthem,neverworryaboutlosingyourglassesagainandwillnotfalloff.

  • Simpleandfashion,bothendshavemovableholderloopsandcanbeslippedonandoff,thusyoucanchangethesizetomakethechainfitsyourglassesbetter.

  • Suitableforsunglasses,readingglasses,safetyglassesandsoon,alsoyoucanremovetherubberendstoworkasnecklaces,fitforindoororoutdoorwearing,cankeepyourglassesfirmly.

  • Product Description:
    Material: Acrylic.
    Color: Blue,As picture as show.
    Size: 65cm.

    These glasses chains consist of Acrylic, they are sturdy and shiny, with quality material, they are not easy to fade.
    The glasses cord help you close to your glasses whenever or wherever you need them, never worry about losing your glasses again and will not fall off.
    Simple and fashion, both ends have movable holder loops and can be slipped on and off, thus you can change the size to make the chain fits your glasses better.
    Suitable for sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses and so on, also you can remove the rubber ends to work as necklaces, fit for indoor or outdoor wearing, can keep your glasses firmly.

    Vikenner Crystal Beaded Glasses Chain Holders Anti-slip Acrylic Sunglasses Strap Eyeglass Cord Spectacles Neck String Eyewear Lanyard Retainer for Men and Women 65cm Blue